The Victim

Chapter One: The house

Playing tag

The letters continue to drip in, randomly. They depict what looks like the future of mother through the plastic toys. In a scene she loses custody of her kids. Then she’s condemned for her crime. Later in prison, starving. Hanging herself on her own cell. In hell, being tortured by demons.

It takes a deranged person to make those things. Or someone whom she has deeply hurt and who has nothing left to lose. After the second letter she removes everything in my room that isn’t the bed and places a lock on the door. She also donates all the toys in the house to goodwill. But none matched those in the pictures. She now stays awake most nights, trying to catch her tormentor peeping through a window.

She has become increasingly paranoid, to the point of bringing her father’s old automatic rifles from the basement to the room where she keeps watch. I have also seen her buy new guns. I think she has started hearing voices. I’ve heard her say, when she thought she was alone, “They’re watching me… all the time, always watching. F-wording neighbours! C-word!” From the onset of this… change, she has neglected her children. Father hasn’t been here in over a month, and he doesn’t call. I think he has another family. So I have stepped up and acted as a mother to my sister. The boys pretty much take care of themselves, going wild on everything and everyone.

Mother’s illness has not made them any more considerate or moderate. Quite the opposite, they terrorize other children at school, and take it out on me at home. They lock me up for hours just to have the house to themselves, while mother is bunkered up in her room, waiting for her imaginary enemy.

The boys burn, stab and drown anything, whether living or dead. Rats, furniture, the wall, cats, the neighbours’ dogs… anything they come across. They even shaved my head and brows off while I slept and told everyone I had cancer. But what hurts me the most is how poorly they’ve been treating their sister, their own blood.

Finally today the heir drags me out of my room while I was reading. My little sister was there as well. “Come, b-word!” he threatens. I obey and follow him out of the house. There’s a boy waiting with the twins. He’s negotiating something with them.

When I get there, the boy pays the heir. “Now kiss him,” the heir orders me. “What? Are you insane? No, I’m not doing that,” I say. But he grabs my hair and twists one of my arms, forcing me. “Kiss him!” “No!” I scream before kicking him in the crotch and running away.

I can feel the wind rushing by as I run through the streets. My heart runs wild. I know he’s running after me, I can hear him, but I keep going. We run through the city’s alleys and streets, looking like happy kids to the untrained eye. But I dread the moment my stamina runs out.

Eventually we reach a long back street, and I realize I can’t run any longer. I’m panting, gasping for air. He soon catches up and comes close. I can feel his breath. I hate him. “You are mine,” he announces with a foetid breath. Who knows when was the last time he brushed his teeth.

“What?” I answer. I’m somewhat dizzy. “Lie down! Do as you are told!” he continues. “So that’s what you want, huh?” I say. “That’s why you’ve been so mean to me?” He nods and begins unzipping his pants. I let him come closer to me before I strike his nuts with my knee. He falls flat to the ground. “B-word!” he screams in pain. I walk away as fast as I can into an open street.

It’s late at night and I see nobody. “Help!” I scream. He draws closer and grabs me from behind. He is stronger than me, and I can’t fight him now that he holds my arms against my chest. I bash my head back, hitting his, forcing him to release me. “Now you’re done, b-word!” he says, pulling out a pocket knife. “I’m f-wording bleeding! You’re dead, you hear me?” he threatens waving his blade.

I run until I turn a corner, and he comes after me. But when he’s turning around, I push him with all my strength. He trips and falls on his back into the road behind him, dropping his weapon into a sewer. Before he can get back up, a car runs him over.